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What to include in your next school strategic plan

What to include in your next school strategic plan

Steering schools forward in the 21st Century is a challenging task! Many schools are still locked into traditional approaches and methods based on the industrial revolution, however, every child currently at school is a digital native, born after the advent of the internet and at a time when technology and globalization are significantly impacting their lives and futures.

Here is a checklist of what I think are major goals to consider for your next school strategic plan. I hope it provides you with a starting point to prepare your students to thrive in the 21st Century.

1.    An Inquiry Approach to teaching and learning to support student engagement, motivation, challenge, relevance and life-long learning.
2.    Empowering students using student voice, student initiated learning and student leadership.
3.    Project-based teaching and learning.
4.    Creativity including design thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurial spirit, design technology and digital technology as well as the arts.
5.    Embed Sustainability into the curriculum including global and personal perspectives to develop students as resilient change agents.
6.    Co-curricular programs, including service programs.
7.    21st Century literacies, global and digital in an amplified community.
8.    A whole school approach to a guaranteed and viable curriculum and the teaching and assessing of it.

If you would like assistance with your school’s strategic plan contact Maxine at thinkstrategicforschools.com.

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