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Thinking 2015

Thinking 2015

Life offers endless possibilities!

I’ve just boarded a train in Bilbao, Spain on my way home to Australia. Together with more than 2000 delegates from around the world I attended the 17th International Conference of Thinking, ICOT 2015, from 29 June to 3 July. Edward de Bono, Howard Gardner, David Perkins, Art Costa, Guy Claxton, Lane Clark and Ewen McIntosh were some of the presenters.

My head is swimming with new ideas, new connections, new understandings and new ways of thinking!

This is what learning and leading are all about; taking conscious actions to extend and enrich your thinking, exposing yourself to creative and innovative people, ideas and concepts and being courageous enough to confront the unknown and act on the ideas that you believe will work.

As 21st Century schools and organizations try to successfully adapt to the huge digital and global changes in our world I believe leaders must be purposeful learners modeling and encouraging the need for learning and innovative thinking to their teams and team members.

The best leaders are always thinking about how to get better results, looking for innovative ideas to do so and are fixated with learning how to become better themselves whilst developing talent and leadership skills in their teams.

At ICOT 2015 I gained access to the some of best thinking in education, business, sport and arts from around the world so I can share ideas and innovations with you in my next Leadership for the 21st Century workshop in August.

Why don’t you come along to improve your 21st Century leadership capacity, develop your career capital or assess and analyze your leadership competencies and learn some new, creative ideas on thinking and leading.

Life does offer endless possibilities but you have to make them happen. Register for Leadership for the 21st Century workshop or contact me to arrange some leadership coaching.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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