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Think Strategic App

Think Strategic App

Strategic planning can be time-consuming, uninspiring and complex. Often it results in a long list of to-do actions without really changing your school to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

Think Strategic has designed an innovative web-based tool to support your strategic planning. It has been created to include goals for the future of learning, the values of your school, whole school collaboration, sustainability options, calendar-linked priorities, report generating options, access anywhere and anytime, and simplicity for the user.

Used in combination with the strategic planning consultancy it empowers your whole school community to embrace change and innovation and design a school for the future.

Packages include:

Leadership coaching for aspiring, emerging and new Principals and Heads of School

Leadership training for executive teams

Leadership training for middle managers

Innovative High-Performance Teams training

Governance training for School Boards

In-school Leadership Workshops

In-school strategic planning consultancy


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I’m passionate about creating schools that motivate, engage and empower 21st Century Learners for their future. I founded Think Strategic with this in mind. After many successful years leading schools I wanted to give more, so I designed a global enterprise to work with schools and school leaders around the world using 21st Century Leadership behaviours, systems thinking, drivers of change, future trends and sustainability tools to create and implement innovative strategic plans to take schools successfully into the future.