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Think Globally, Learn Locally

Think Globally, Learn Locally

I’m packing my case this weekend in preparation for a flight to Bangkok where I will be attending the 46th Annual East Asia Regional Council of Schools EARCOS Leadership Conference 2015 next week.


I’m excited!


Who will I meet? What will I learn? What will I rethink? What will I change?


Over twenty years ago I worked at a school that used the phrase ‘life long learning’ to tell parents we were educating students to be life long learners. Many schools adopted the phrase and many educators today talk about the importance of students being life long learners.


I think teachers and school leaders should also be life long learners and develop learning partnerships with their students and their colleagues. Michael Fullan talks about the importance of School Leaders being ‘the Lead Learner’ and I agree with him.


In fact, I feel so strongly about the importance of leaders being learners that I’m presenting a workshop at the conference entitled, “Global and Local Drivers of Change.”


Why don’t you come along and learn about the Drivers of Change that are affecting your school and your students.


See you in Bangkok!


PS. If you can’t make it to Bangkok, but would still like to learn more about how to change your school to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners download the Think Strategic White Paper below.


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