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  • Leading people in today’s workplace is challenging and at times downright frustrating. Leaders today must be skilled at sensing other people’s emotions, understanding their perspective and taking an a

  • Did you know that 58% of your job performance relies on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) not your IQ (Intelligence Quotient). When you feel overwhelmed with too much to do there are some great EQ stra

  • Yep! 2023 is your year! You’ve finally landed that new position and you’re all set to have an awesome year. But hang on a minute, transitioning into a new role can be a very dangerous time

  • Did you know that 38% of Australians will leave their jobs by August 2023 according to PwC Australia “The Future of Work” report. The Covid Experience has had a massive impact on many people’s work-li

  • It’s tough in schools ATM. Teachers and school leaders have faced repeated lockdowns and remote learning situations for almost three years and now they are battling ongoing sickness, absenteeism

  • Is your team functioning well ATM or do you have some negative, prickly, maybe even toxic, team members? You know the ones. They love to gossip, complain and blame AND they frustrate and exhaust you.