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Stomach-dropping, cold sweat moments!

Stomach-dropping, cold sweat moments!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything gets on top of you? You know, where you feel overwhelmed but know you have to keep on going. You start second-guessing your decisions and then WHAMMY! You start to doubt yourself. You waste precious time and suddenly a stomach dropping, cold sweat moment hits you because you realise you’ve forgotten to do something really important. Arghhh!

Well I’m having one of those weeks right now and it sucks!

Like you, I’m driven to make a positive difference in kids’ lives so I’ve been gradually working on a few projects to empower a new generation of school leaders to bring about much needed change in 21st Century Schools to meet the needs of Gen Alpha and Gen Z.

It’s exciting, I’m learning lots of new things, but it’s also really challenging and it’s pushing me outside my comfort zone. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Getting pushed outside your comfort zone is a good thing because that’s when learning and growth happen.” Yes I agree with you, but too many deadlines all at once can take their toll and I know you know what I mean! Schools today can be crazy-busy and need a whole new style of leadership to focus on what’s really important and make sure it gets done!

As I write this article I realise that I have lost my focus on using some really important productivity and inspiration strategies that I share with participants in my leadership workshops and online course.

So I‘ve decided to refocus and to reread some of Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence, EQ. I remember when Daniel Goleman first published his book on Emotional Intelligence in 1995. I bought a copy way back then, really enjoyed it, learnt from it and took actions to grow my EQ. It had a positive effect on my work as well as my work/life balance.

The good news is Goleman has been prolific in researching emotional intelligence and its relationship to leadership for the past 20 years. It turns out that EQ is a game-changer! Yes, A Game Changer!

Recent publications include Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence 2015, What Makes a leader: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters 2014, Focus: the Hidden Driver of Excellence 2013 and Leadership: the Power of Emotional Intelligence 2011.

Goleman is so good at what he does he won the McKinsey Award in 2014 for his Harvard Business Review Article “The Focused Leader.”

Goleman found that the top 10% of achievers displayed superior competencies in emotional intelligence, rather than in purely cognitive thinking. Capabilities like self-confidence and initiative; bouncing back from setbacks and staying cool under stress; empathy and powerful communication, collaboration and teamwork all make for better results.

If you want to be a new generation 21st Century Leader you must be able to focus on yourself, focus on others and focus on the wider world.

So I’m planning a much better week next week. My plan for this weekend is to head down to the beach and take my EQ books with me. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some sunny weather. It’s early Spring here so if I need to curl up on a couch inside with a few delicious coffees, which may just turn into a few glasses of mellow red wine, I can do that too. Changing your environment and planning some mini-adventures are great ways to unlock your creativity, boost your enthusiasm and get back on track.

Next week I’m going to bounce back from this week’s setbacks and focus on what I need to do to keep moving forward and get my projects back on track.

What about you?

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