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It’s tough in schools ATM. Teachers and school leaders have faced repeated lockdowns and remote learning situations for almost three years and now they are battling ongoing sickness, absenteeism of staff and the tiredness and overwhelm of many teachers who are trying valiantly to provide cover for the sick teachers.

The Solution is Innovative Leadership

Innovative leadership is the only way for schools to move forward. Schools need leaders who are passionate and forward-thinking, with 21st-century leadership skills to help prepare students for the challenges of a changing world while supporting the wellbeing and growth of their teachers.

The good news is that ‘Boomer’ changeover in school leadership is creating opportunities for a whole new generation of leaders to bring their unique insights and passions to the table.

Millennials in Leadership

Did you know that 81% of Millennials want leadership positions? Millennials in schools are keen to change hierarchical, traditional approaches to a contemporary approach, that is purpose and values driven while embracing innovation and change, adaptability, diversity and inclusivity, AND including an important focus on teacher wellbeing as well as student wellbeing.

School success relies on new leaders who are passionate, student-focused, and innovative embracing the challenge of leadership while being the best they can be. It is paramount that these new leaders inspire and support their teachers to know how much they are valued and how important they are to student growth and student success.

Actually, we need passionate educators like you!

How Leadership Really Matters Can Help

After 25 years leading progressive schools in Australia and Asia, I decided to write a book to empower and inspire a new generation of contemporary leaders. My book, Leadership Really Matters – Applying Innovation to the Education Crisis Today, has sold in 32 countries and is an international bestseller.

Whether you’re a new, established, or aspiring school leader, Leadership Really Matters is a powerful tool to help you move forward in your career and really make a difference in your school. This book will fast track you to success as a school leader, providing you with leadership ideas, techniques and strategies that are drawn from decades of experience and proven to work.

In its pages, you will discover:
• The seven keys for success as a school leader
• The characteristics of leadership that captures hearts and minds
• How to master the art of focus, and empower others to maximise their focus (chapter 2)
• The importance of self-leadership and management of your own life (chapter 3)
• How to build effective teams and foster collaborative genius and collective intelligence (chapter 4)
• The most effective leadership styles in education, and why just one isn’t enough (chapter 4)
• The importance of creativity and innovation (chapter 5)
• The disruptions that are reshaping learning (chapter 5)
• Why it’s crucial that you take action and build momentum before the timing is perfect (chapter 5)
• A five-step plan to take your school into the future (chapter 6)
• And much more!

If you’re serious about school leadership, or know someone who is, this book will kickstart your/their professional development. The best leadership books can change your life and your career, but this book goes a step further, laying out a plan to innovate schools and prepare teachers and students for the future.


I’ll throw in FREE SHIPPING with tracking to make sure you get it ASAP.

Never forget our young people need amazing educators like you.

Maxine xx

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