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One of the Biggest Problems Facing 21st Century Principals

One of the Biggest Problems Facing 21st Century Principals

Schools today are incredibly busy places! They’re exciting with a diverse array of activities going on everyday. So much has changed even from just ten years ago. Added to comprehensive curricula offering performing arts, creativity, sports, field trips, after school activities, local and international school leadership initiatives and international connections; technology integration, creative learning spaces, personalized learning programs, social and emotional learning, mindfulness programs, service programs and sustainability initiatives are being embraced by 21st Century Schools.


It’s a tough call for teachers and Principals to manage the complexity of it all and to also carve out the time and energy required to continuously plan for the future of learning.


Your to-do list keeps growing every day, even though you are doing your best to keep focused and get those tasks completed.  Sometimes you feel like a tsunami of work is going to wash you away.


Is it time to try something new?


I think it is!


I think it’s time for School Leaders to understand how to unlock collective genius and create a school community that is willing and able to generate new ideas and innovations. This is certainly one of the biggest problems facing Principals today.


It’s time to rethink our role as School Leaders and move away from the direction-setting style of leadership found in most schools to become truly and consistently innovative. We need to be setting the stage for continuous innovation. We need to move away from ‘either-or’ thinking to ‘both-and’ thinking. Yes, it’s challenging, tiring and uncomfortable; but our students deserve no less!


Why not bring your leadership team to ‘Leadership for the 21st Century’, a 2–day workshop in Singapore on 11 & 12 March or Melbourne on 5 or 6 May. You and your team can learn together how to be creative, innovative thinkers, able to establish new and exciting pathways and innovative learning opportunities for teachers and students in a 21st century world.


I look forward to welcoming you and your team to the workshop.


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