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New Generation School Leaders

New Generation School Leaders

Have you noticed the Revolution happening in our schools?


We’ve all known for the last decade or so that schools need to change significantly to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners. There’s a new breed of School Leader emerging. More tech savvy, more connected, more globally aware and even more intelligent than past School Leaders!


James Flynn’s research explains how each new generation is approximately nine IQ points more intelligent than previous generations, so clearly Gen X and Gen Y have got it over the Baby Boomers and Gen Z are on the way and will be teaching in our schools from 2019.


I believe there is a new skill set and toolkit for switched-on 21st Century Leaders and whilst there is some overlap with the traditional style of leadership, there are certainly new leadership skills, tools and strategies that are really suited for the change and innovation our schools need.


Why not join the Revolution and come to my next workshop in Melbourne, Australia on 6 May or Chiang Mai, Thailand on 5 & 6 August and discover the new generation leadership skills, tools and strategies that will make you an awesome 21st Century School Leader. Oh and why not bring some of your aspiring School Leaders along with you.


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I look forward to seeing you soon.


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