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A New Generation of 21st Century Leaders

A New Generation of 21st Century Leaders

With Baby Boomers around the world reaching retirement age it is time to think radically about preparing a new generation of 21st Century leaders. This new generation of leaders will need to transition effectively into schools and organizations to meet the complex needs of our constantly changing digital and global landscape as well as motivating and engaging our most intelligent generations; Gen Z’s and Gen Alphas.

Over the next five years 70% of Australia’s 10,000 school principals are reaching retirement age. Australia, like many countries around the world, is on the cusp of an unprecedented generational shift in school leadership according to NESLI. We need to prepare our aspiring school leaders to rise to the challenge of complex leadership in changing school environments.

Last Friday I had the privilege to lead and learn from 21st Century Leaders from Catholic, Government and Independent schools in Australia. It was inspiring, uplifting and rewarding. My goal is to inspire a new generation of 21st Century school leaders who will in turn empower 21st Century learners. As an educator, I’m passionate about making a difference to schools around the world – into the smallest local schools and into international education and policy. There is lots to be done!

Recent research into the practice of leadership and cultural transformation reveals that organizational change is inseparable from individual change. McKinsey researchers are convinced that change efforts falter because individuals overlook the need to make fundamental change in themselves. McKinsey believe that in the future the best leaders will demonstrate profile awareness and self-awareness. I absolutely agree with their findings!

The Think Strategic Leadership for the 21st Century Workshops are designed to provide participants with the skills to look meaningfully within themselves and to build self awareness and self understanding which will make them more effective leaders. They also provide leaders with tools and strategies to lead themselves and others in the 21st Century.

Participants have commented that attending the Think Strategic Workshop provided the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style and skills, and to explore personal insights and the characteristics of others to build high performing teams, another essential element of 21st Century leadership. Participants believed the workshop encouraged them to consider how to improve their 21st Century leadership skills and formulate strategic plans using 21st Century leadership knowledge. It provided up to date information about 21st Century leadership and was well organized, structured and interactive providing many good resources, ideas, thoughts and a raft of strategies to take away.

Are you an aspiring new generation 21st Century Leader? Why not come along to my newest workshop Future Focused Leadership for Schools on 9 & 10 November at the American School Bangkok – Sukhumvit Campus  or invite me to your school or district to present to your leadership teams.

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