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I’m a Disrupter. Are you?

I’m a Disrupter. Are you?


Ok, enough is enough!


I’ve been banging on about being a change agent in education for over a decade and still most schools around the world are churning out students to pass tests and exams to prepare them for the world we entered 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


We’ve failed to meet the education millennial goals by 2015 so there are still 58 million children who receive no primary education and 123 million who receive no secondary education.


What are we doing?


We’ve all seen Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talks about creativity and how to change schools so that we prepare our young for a world we can’t imagine but sadly schools are not changing as quickly as we need, or more importantly, as quickly as our students need.


So I’m moving on from being a change agent – that’s old hat! I’ve decided to become a Disrupter and I’ve started disrupting the thinking of educational leaders around the world. Deep down you know that we have to change the old traditional models of hierarchical leadership and embrace the bottom up ideas and innovations occurring in our schools to really meet the needs of our young.


But how do we do it?


We’re crazy busy managing the day-to-day stuff, let alone trying to adapt to the exponential growth and challenges of technology and globalization.


I think leadership in schools is in crisis and many school leaders and aspiring school leaders need support, guidance, mentoring and training to help them change while still being able to steer their schools into the future.


After 20 years of leadership experience in schools in Australia and Asia, most of it in the 21st Century, I’ve reflected on what works and what doesn’t. I’ve researched broadly to discover the needs of Generation Alpha and Generation Z and to investigate the future of learning.


This time last week, I was training and empowering a diverse group of educators in Melbourne, Australia who were excited to see leadership and learning in schools through a different lens.


Let me disrupt your thinking.  Invite me to your school to train your leadership team and faculty to get you on track to disrupt, innovate and change your school to really meet the needs of 21st Century Learners.


Come on, be a Disrupter, our students deserve no less.


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