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How can you grow your Emotional Intelligence?

How can you grow your Emotional Intelligence?

Did you know that 58% of your job performance relies on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) not your IQ (Intelligence Quotient). When you feel overwhelmed with too much to do there are some great EQ strategies that can help you succeed.

Leading in schools in today’s world is really challenging and at times downright overwhelming. The thing is, that managing your emotions and your self-talk is crucial if you are going to successfully manage your workload, follow your purpose, empower others with vision and values, and ultimately create a work life blend that you can love.

Turns out that Self-Awareness and Self-Management are two major factors that contribute to your EQ. In fact, 90% of top achievers have a high EQ. So how can you grow your EQ?

What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is having the ability to read and understand your emotions and to recognize their impact on your work performance, your relationships, and your professional culture.

It’s being realistic and open about your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s about having a strong and positive sense of self-worth. In other words, being self-confident and having a very strong and unwavering belief in yourself.

What is Self-management?

Self-management is about self-control. It’s having the ability to keep disruptive emotions and impulses under control. In other words, it’s managing your self-talk and any self-doubt you may have about yourself or your abilities.

It’s also being skilled at managing yourself, your productivity, and your responsibilities.

AND in today’s world it’s knowing how adaptable you are, having the skills to adjust to changing situations and overcome obstacles. Clearly dealing with Covid has generated an overload of adaptability and many of us are feeling long-term exhaustion.

How can you grow your EQ skills?

Discovering your blind spot is always helpful for new and existing leaders. Your blind spot is what everyone else knows about you, but you are not aware of at all. However, it’s tough to work out on your own.

Speaking to someone who understands your role, your responsibilities and your challenges can provide you with new insights to understand yourself and offer you strategies to grow your EQ.

If this blog post has piqued your interest and you’d like to find out more, you’re in luck!

I’m offering a complimentary conversation to the first 10 people who click this link and I’ll share some EQ strategies I know that will work for you.

By the way, in my next blog post I’ll unpack the two remaining factors affecting your EQ.

Never forget that you are making a profound difference to the lives of your students and your teachers.

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