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Do You Need a Professional Leadership Coach?

Do You Need a Professional Leadership Coach?

Did you know that 38% of Australians will leave their jobs by August 2023 according to PwC Australia “The Future of Work” report.

The Covid Experience has had a massive impact on many people’s work-life situation and clearly many people are unhappy in their jobs. Often, it’s because employers have not discovered the best remote/face-to-face blend that works for both the employee and the company, but it can also be a host of other reasons.

Are you feeling undervalued or underestimated? Do you feel like you are not learning and growing? Perhaps you don’t feel positive about your co-workers. Maybe you’ve been looked over for promotion. Or maybe you’re not relating to the values and purpose of the organisation you work for; or even worse, maybe your organisation is all about the bottom line and has no policies or actions that relate to making the workplace and the world a better place, e.g., well-being policies and practices, adopting sustainability practices, giving back to the local community or creating a foundation or charity to help those in need.

This is a great time to consider the services of a Professional Leadership Coach to help you navigate your future. Having someone to talk things over with who is not a family member, a partner, a co-worker, an employee or boss is a huge advantage to your professional career.

But how do you find an authentic, qualified, values-driven coach to support you and champion your career? My
8 Tips for Finding the Best Professional Leadership Coach might help you.

1. The best coaches have walked in your shoes. Look for a professional leadership coach who wants to know and understand what you are living through. The best coach for you has their own lived experience and has survived and excelled in the good times but also successfully navigated the challenges and disasters you may be facing.

2. The best coaches have integrity. Find a professional leadership who you can trust to have deep level confidential conversations about your aspirations, your goals, your concerns, and your challenges.

3. The best coaches are highly qualified. It is important to find a professional coach who is qualified and has held authentic leadership positions. Sadly, the coaching industry is unregulated and there are many coaches out there who have no formal qualifications or relevant experience and often provide misinformed advice and can take advantage of vulnerable people.

4. Make sure your coach is a great listener. A great coach will listen carefully to your reality and your dreams for the future. A great coach doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach. A great coach will offer a bespoke approach to guide you to see the opportunities and possibilities that exist for you and will support you to make informed decisions that will work for you.

5. Look for a coach who can share research-based tools and strategies with you that are effective in today’s contemporary working situations. You don’t want old school theories that are no longer successful in our diverse and complex workplaces.

6. The best coaches are highly skilled in questioning to elicit your strategic and innovative thinking. A professional coach who will inspire you and ignite your passion over and over. They will help you grow and develop into a better version of yourself, continuously. A professional coach will be your champion!

7. The best coach has years of experience and lots of testimonials from very happy clients, so you have proof that what they say is true.

8. The best coaches are flexible and offer huge value. The best coaches offer a variety of packages, times and personalised face-to-face or online sessions so you can choose an option that works best for you.

Think Strategic offers face-to-face and virtual Professional Leadership Coaching for aspiring, emergent and existing leaders all around the world. Professional Coaching Packages are personalised, flexible and confidential with short-term and long-term options. If you would like to find out more about the Think Strategic Coaching Packages click here or arrange a Complimentary Conversation here

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