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Schools today are full of Gen Alpha and Gen Z students.

Do you and your team fully understand them? Gen Alpha and Gen Z are more intelligent, more globally connected and more technologically savvy than any previous generation. They are predicted to have a life span of 97 of years and will be the first generations to see in the 22nd century. Change, disruption and innovation will dominate their lives. How is your school meeting their needs and helping them to thrive into their future?

Schools are incredibly busy places. Your job is complex and time-consuming. Why not invite Think Strategic to support leadership and strategic planning at your school?

Think Strategic offers the following in-school consultancies to support school leaders to meet the needs of 21st century learners:

Education for the 21st Century. A 2-day consultancy/training to fast-track your team of teachers into the 21st century

Leadership for Middle Leaders. A 1 or 2-day on site training to prepare Middle Leaders to self lead, manage change and create innovative teams.

Strategic Planning for the 21st century. A 3 – 5 day consultancy to empower the whole school community to create an innovative, collaborative strategic plan to meet the needs of 21st century learners

Bespoke consultancy. Any combination of the above services to meet the needs of your school.


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I’m passionate about creating schools that motivate, engage and empower 21st Century Learners for their future. I founded Think Strategic with this in mind. After many successful years leading schools I wanted to give more, so I designed a global enterprise to work with schools and school leaders around the world using 21st Century Leadership behaviours, systems thinking, drivers of change, future trends and sustainability tools to create and implement innovative strategic plans to take schools successfully into the future.