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Modern Leadership is one of the most challenging jobs you can find. It is also one of the most rewarding! The responsibility of ensuring your teams are engaged and motivated employees, while at all times maintaining a culture of trust, creativity and collaboration; the challenge of being an inspirational leader who nurtures, supports and grows people and the ability to be a change agent adapting, innovating and thriving can, at times, be overwhelming.

Leadership Coaching is a proven success factor. The opportunity to talk to someone who has walked in your shoes, who knows and understands what you are living through, who listens to your goals, concerns and challenges is invaluable.

The Professional Leadership Coaching Package is designed for current, aspiring and emerging leaders, managers, coordinators and team leaders determined to improve their modern leadership capacity.

Coaching sessions are personalised to meet your needs and offer leadership tools, habits and strategies to keep you focussed, confident and strong.  Coaches are trained in the GROWTH approach and questioning techniques to elicit your strategic and innovative thinking.  You will be inspired and challenged to grow and develop into a better version of yourself, continuously.

The Think Strategic Leadership Professional Coaching Package is offered either face to face or in a virtual mode. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length. Sessions are offered in the English language. Session times are flexible, personalized and designed to be taken within existing work and study commitments. Packages include 4, 6 or 8 sessions.

4 Sessions

$US 600

6 Sessions

$US 879

8 Sessions

$US 1147


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I’m passionate about empowering contemporary leaders who value, motivate and engage high performance teams to create successful organisations that thrive now and into the future.  I founded Think Strategic with this in mind. After many successful years leading organisations in C-Suite positions I wanted to give more. I have designed a global enterprise to work with leaders around the world using 21st Century Leadership behaviours, systems thinking, drivers of change, future trends and sustainability tools to create innovative and strategic businesses, organisations and schools.