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  • Leading people in today’s workplace is challenging and at times downright frustrating. Leaders today must be skilled at sensing other people’s emotions, understanding their pe

  • Did you know that 58% of your job performance relies on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) not your IQ (Intelligence Quotient). When you feel overwhelmed with too much to do the

  • Yep! 2023 is your year! You’ve finally landed that new position and you’re all set to have an awesome year. But hang on a minute, transitioning into a new role can

  • Did you know that 38% of Australians will leave their jobs by August 2023 according to PwC Australia “The Future of Work” report. The Covid Experience has had a massive impact

  • It’s tough in schools ATM. Teachers and school leaders have faced repeated lockdowns and remote learning situations for almost three years and now they are battling ongo

  • Is your team functioning well ATM or do you have some negative, prickly, maybe even toxic, team members? You know the ones. They love to gossip, complain and blame AND they fr

  • Steering schools forward in our Covid 19 world is a challenging task! Many schools around the world are still grappling with remote learning or a hybrid approach to teaching a

  • Even though your school has dealt with disruption, innovation and change since March 2020 it’s time to revisit your strategic plan and review for 2021 to make sure your

  • The most important skill in today’s world, individually and as an organisation, is focus. In a world of information overload and one distraction after another, it takes focus

  • Many of my friends and colleagues in Africa, Asia, Europe, the UK and the USA are getting ready for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, while those of us in Victoria, Aust

  • Our world has changed incredibly over the past six months and many school leaders are struggling with exhaustion, frustration and loss of direction.   In Melbourne, Austr

  • I’ve had a terrible week! Like you, I’m driven to make a positive difference and focus on opportunities in our Covid-19 World, so I’ve just started a new project. It’s excitin