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Author: Maxine Driscoll

Leading people in today’s workplace is challenging and at times downright frustrating. Leaders today must be skilled at sensing other people’s emotions, understanding their perspective and taking an active interest in their concerns and wellbeing. How can you do this? The answer is surprisingly simple! It’s all about...

Is your team functioning well ATM or do you have some negative, prickly, maybe even toxic, team members? You know the ones. They love to gossip, complain and blame AND they frustrate and exhaust you. I’m guessing that the past 2 years have changed your workplace into a hybrid model of remote and FTF working operations. I’m also guessing that it’s been frustrating to get everyone back on board after all of our Covid challenges to focus on your BIG organisational vision, values and goals. Over the years I’ve learned that managing people is one of the hardest things to conquer, and of course, the leadership challenges are amplified hugely during uncertain times. The ability to create and nurture High Performance Teams in today’s workplace is a no-brainer if you want your organisation to thrive into a prosperous future. Too often in leadership positions we get caught up in the day to day demands and fail to make the time to purposely create high performance teams. Over 25 years of leading diverse teams successfully through good and tough times I’ve discovered a few strategies that have worked really well so I thought I’d share them with you. Hopefully you will find a few new ideas to help you move forward. 1. Embrace diversity. Our workforce today is hugely different to any workforce in past decades and it’s so important to harness the talents of generational diversity, cultural and religious diversity, and gender diversity. Each one of your team members brings a unique set of views, experiences, and talents to add to the collective intelligence and problem solve in brilliant ways. Why not appreciate and unlock these amazing talents?