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The Absolute Best Success Tip for New 21st Century Principals

The Absolute Best Success Tip for New 21st Century Principals

It’s really exciting to see the enthusiasm of teachers, principals and school leaders as they prepare for the new year. So much so that I have felt inspired to think back to my first principalship and wonder about the single most important strategy to have in place when it comes to 21st century leadership and education.

In my thirties, raising two young children while working and studying, I was determined to land a Principal’s position. As an award-winning teacher I was passionate about helping other teachers be their best so that collectively we could improve learning programs for our students. I knew I was facing a juggling act and realized I needed someone wise and experienced in leadership and management to be my champion if I wanted to make it in school leadership.

You see being a School Principal is one of the most challenging jobs you can find (it is also one of the most rewarding too!). The responsibility of ensuring your students are engaged and motivated learners, while at all times maintaining a safe environment for them; the challenge of being an inspiring instructional leader who nurtures, supports and grows a great team of teachers and the ability to be a change agent adapting and thriving in our global and technological world can, at times, be overwhelming!

So my Number 1 Absolute Best Success Tip for you is to find yourself a coach. A great coach!

Someone who has walked in your shoes. Someone who knows and understands what you are living through each day. Someone who you can trust and have deep level conversations about your goals, your concerns and your challenges. Someone who is a great listener. Someone who will guide you to make informed decisions on actions you believe will work. Someone who can share tools and strategies to keep you focussed and keep you strong. Someone skilled in questioning to elicit your strategic and innovative thinking.  Someone who will inspire you and ignite your passion over and over. Someone who will help you grow and develop into a better version of yourself, continuously. Someone to be your champion!

Think Strategic offers face-to-face and virtual Leadership Coaching for current and aspiring Principals. Coaching Packages are personalized, flexible and confidential with short-term and long-term options. If you would like to find out more about the Think Strategic Leadership Coaching Packages contact Maxine.

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