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8 Hot Tips for 21st Century Leaders

8 Hot Tips for 21st Century Leaders

Yep, I get it! It’s almost the end of term and you have heaps of student reports to write and proof or student-led conferences for the parent body… or maybe both!


And then there’s the end of term production or musical soiree or special assembly or exhibition of learning or school camps or more.  Of course this is all on top of your regular day-to-day and weekly responsibilities. You’re thinking, “How will I get through all of this?” and you’re telling yourself to take a deep breath, but all you really want to do is scream!


Yes, schools are exciting and busy places. But, it feels like the past 10 years have heated up incredibly. The demands on you and your teachers are overwhelming!


Trying to change your school to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners creates problems, conflicts, unhappy teachers and parents and doubts about your ability, expertise and personal limits.


You hear about 21st Leadership and wonder is it all that different to traditional leadership. Well I think it is and here’s my Hot Tips for you.


21st Century Leaders:

  1.  Adopt a Growth Mindset not a Fixed Mindset.
  2.  Work on improving their emotional intelligence and self-leadership.
  3.  Understand there are several effective leadership styles and successfully adapt their leadership style to match the situational context.
  4.  Are generationally savvy. They understand and value the unique contributions and diversity of their team members. They constantly empower others to lead.
  5.  Develop high performing teams who are creative and innovative problem solvers, because you can’t do it all on your own!
  6.  Understand and apply the 4 most successful leadership behaviors that result in almost 90% effectiveness as a leader.
  7.  Understand, use and model effective change management strategies to move their school into the future.
  8.  Are well-balanced and happy and support their teams to be so too.


Why not come along to the next ‘Leadership for the 21st Century’ workshop in Melbourne? Give yourself time to reflect on your leadership growth and development and find out more about the 8 Hot Tips for 21st Century Leaders.  I can promise you that you will leave with a toolkit full of awesome leadership tools and strategies, a personal plan for your next steps and strategic ideas to create the future of learning at your school. You’ll be an awesome 21st Century Leader!


I’ll look forward to meeting you.


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