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Wowsers! Here comes 2020 – a whole new decade to dream, create and take action. What will your 20’s look like?

I love ‘Visioning’. Purposefully imagining what we want in the future has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on our achievement. Imagine you in 2030? What will you be; what will you have and what will you achieve?

It’s always exciting to look forward and plan, isn’t it? A time of hope, opportunity, and possibility, facing fears and creating new challenges is opening up for you. BUT – it’s the small steps of action that you take and the habits that you develop that will make the BIGGEST difference. AND – it’s knowing what you value; I mean, really value, to help guide you along the way.

I decided to go camping in the Australian bush with friends and family for a few days to unwind and reflect. After a few days catching up on sleep and a self-imposed social media detox, I found myself thinking about the possibilities, opportunities and challenges that the New Year will bring.

How about you? Have you made some time as the New Year begins to think ahead, dream and prepare for the opportunities to come? The strategies below may be helpful for you. Let me know if they are.


    1. Reflect on 2019. What have you achieved? What was really difficult but you got through it? What have you learnt? What is there that you still want to achieve? Write down the 10 things you have learnt about yourself over the past 12 months.
    2. Review your list and look to see if there are any hidden opportunities or possibilities for you to grow in 2020.
    3. Remember that you always have a choice. Victims blame while leaders choose responsibility and take action. Choose actions that will make you a better person and add to the greater good. Actions that are aligned to your values and reflect what you love to do.
    4. Always be a learner. A Growth Mindset will set you up as a learner and ensure ongoing success in life. Yes, there will be tough times but a Growth Mindset ensures strategies to keep learning and growing. A Fixed Mindset will stall your growth and development. Ultimately a Fixed Mindset will affect your self-belief and railroad your self-talk telling you that you are a failure. NOTE: You can choose your mindset. I choose to work on my mindset every day!
    5. Choose GRIT. Effort, hard work, determination, persistence and resilience will make you smarter and more talented. Yes! Ongoing effort and hard work will make your life amazing!
    6. Believe in yourself. THINK BIG! Be courageous, apply TIP # 4 and always reflect on what you have learnt (even in your tough times). You will thrive!
    7. It’s your future and that’s important but it’s not always about you! It’s about what you can do to help others grow and develop. Be sure to empower your team to make a positive difference too.
    8. Stretch yourself beyond your current capabilities. YOLO and self-improvement rocks.
    9. Know that things will get tough! Focus on what you are learning and how you can improve. Be creative, when things get tough PIVOT and look for different solutions. You’ll be surprised at how this motivates you and your team to continue to grow. Re-read Tip 4.
    10. Link your challenges with what you love to do. Take some time to unlock your passion/s and start planning how to maximize them.
    11. Seek constructive feedback. Be open to the messages that life sends your way. Reflect on them to increase your self-awareness and self-management. Be brave and seek out those you trust and ask them what your blind spot may be. Consider carefully what you choose to do with the feedback. Choose the path that keeps you learning. If you really feel unsure, contact me here to find out more about my Professional Leadership and Executive Leadership Coaching.
    12. Always look for strategies to learn more and to work your way through obstacles. Never give up. NEVER! You will surprise yourself at the person you will become.

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Wishing you an AMAZING 2020,

Maxine xx

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