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10 Ways School Leaders Can Maximize Their Energy

10 Ways School Leaders Can Maximize Their Energy

School leadership can be tough. Lately I’ve been crazy busy working 12 hour days and even bringing work home on the weekends!!!


Does that happen to you too?


I know schools need to change and I am 100% committed to bringing change and innovation to my new school, but boy oh boy, by the end of last week I was exhausted.


Guess what I did?


I made a plan!


Yes I made a plan to have an amazing adventure over the weekend and to do the things that elevate me. You see we need to protect our energy BIG TIME if we are to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners in our schools.


If we can’t self-manage and lead ourselves then we can’t lead others. Protecting your energy is so important.


Here are my strategies to help you look after your energy and be a consistently awesome 21st Century School Leader.


  1. Know when you are suffering from decision fatigue or exhaustion and do something about it. Your mental energy is limited so make plans to give yourself regular boosts. I’ve just spent the weekend at a golf resort. Played 18 holes, had a massage, went for a swim, read a book and had a few glasses of bubbly. I feel great and ready to have an amazing week ahead. I know I will be more productive and more creative because I have boosted my energy levels BIG TIME.


  1. Plan adventures. I even plan mini-adventures to get me out of the office every day to boost my energy levels. Visiting teachers and students engaged in learning is a great motivational booster.


  1. Recognize the things that elevate you. Whether it is exercise, reading a good book, talking to inspirational people, watching TED talks, going to conferences or workshops – whatever. Schedule these things into your week, your month and your year. You will reap the rewards in many ways.


  1. Eliminate the trivial from your life and maximize time on the important tasks. Remember to focus on your mindset, health, family & friends, career, learning and legacy. Not just school!


  1. Use your critical and creative thinking skills to delegate wisely and empower others. Look for talent in others, develop their passion and grow more leaders.


  1. Know what to do and what not to do. Instead of adding to your ‘To Do List’, create a ‘Stop Do List’. Think strategically at all times.


  1. Recognize the times when are you most alert. Maybe you’re a morning person or maybe you’re an evening person. Protect these times for your priority tasks and don’t let others steal this time from you unless of course it is some type of emergency.


  1. Choose the people you work with wisely. Surround yourself with diverse, can-do, responsible people. Avoid toxic people at all costs. They waste your time and your energy.


  1. Show up every day full of energy and passion, you will be an amazing role model to others and you will see that it is infectious.


  1. Remember the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said almost 3000 years ago, “The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.” Get started today.


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