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Embracing Asia in 21st Century Schools Study Tour

01 Jul 2018 - 08 Jul 2018

A 7-day Study Tour in Northern Thailand 1 – 8 July 2018 ARE YOU...
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Leadership for the 21st Century Workshop

11 Nov 2017 - 12 Nov 2017

A 2-day workshop at the professional learning hub, NIST international school,...
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I’m passionate about creating schools that motivate, engage and empower 21st Century Learners for their future. I founded Think Strategic with this in mind. After many successful years leading schools I wanted to give more, so I designed a global enterprise to work with schools and school leaders around the world using 21st Century Leadership behaviours, systems thinking, drivers of change, future trends and sustainability tools to create and implement innovative strategic plans to take schools successfully into the future.