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Leadership for the 21st Century Online Course

Leadership for the 21st Century Online Course

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There’s a revolution happening in our schools!

Some are making changes to meet the needs of 21st century learners while some remain traditional. Leadership in the 21st century is challenging, risky and exciting!

Learn how to be a new generation 21st century school leader and take success strategies and tools away with you to focus your school on enabling your students to thrive now and in their future.

Modules contain 20 – 30 minute video tutorials jam-packed with leadership research, skills, strategies and tools. Follow-up tasks and an extensive reading list are also included. Have a sneak peek at our Preview Video and review module topics and descriptors.


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Module 1 – Adopt a Leadership Mindset

Unlock the five keys to successful leadership for the 21st century. Learn how a growth mindset can improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and your self-management.

Module 2 – Leading From The Heart And Mind

Deepen your understanding of EQ to develop authentic relationships within and beyond your school community. Explore the seven styles of highly effective leaders to unite people in purposeful action aligned with your school’s vision and mission.

Module 3 – The new F word!

There’s a forgotten skill we must master to be truly successful in the 21st century. Learn what it is and how you can manage it to ensure continual self-improvement and school improvement.

Module 4 – The Bottom Line

Discover the Bottom Line in schools and learn how to be savvy about the Triple Bottom line at your school. Learn eight awesome strategies to help you become a successful 21st century school leader.

Module 5 – Creating Awesome Teams

Jam-packed with practical leadership tools and strategies! Begin by better understanding the multigenerational nature of your teams. Unpack the three priorities of leadership, explore six strategies that create awesome teams, find out the four success factors to develop Professional Learning Communities and finally uncover the top four global leadership behaviors.

Module 6 – Be an Innovator

Be a game changer! Learn how to create a culture of innovation. Understand the five disruptions that are reshaping learning. Boost your creativity with blue sky thinking and use accelerated change to embrace creativity, innovation and change at your school.

Module 7 – Now What?

Ok, so what do you do next? Learn how to create a simple action plan to take you forward. Congratulations! You’re now on the way to being an awesome 21st century school leader.