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  • School leadership can be tough. Lately I’ve been crazy busy working 12 hour days and even bringing work home on the weekends!!!   Does that happen to you too?   I kn

  • School Leadership can be tough!  I’ve had a really difficult week meeting an important deadline. It seemed like a tsunami of problems started coming at me to stop me from meet

  • THE VALUE OF A 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION Success looks different now than it did in the past. High-achieving people are frequently choosing to opt out of the traditional job mark

  • I’ve been passionate about 21st Century Schools and 21st Century Education for quite a while now. You see I’m a passionate educator just like you and I want to change schools

  • I’m sitting in the Dubrovnik Hotel in Zagreb enjoying the last of my European Summer on the Croatian beaches thinking about my friends who are school leaders or aspiring schoo

  • More and more I realize that self-leadership is one of the most important success factors for school leaders today. I learnt years ago, as a Head of a K-12 School, that you ca

  • Are you a super stressed School Leader?  Do you have a lot on your plate at the moment? I know how you feel. Last week I faced a huge emotional hijacking. Yes I know that lead

  • Have you been thinking about how to improve your school leadership skills and leadership capacity lately? Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to refocus on those Professional Lear

  • Leadership in schools is changing! Yes, really changing. Leadership has emerged as a very valuable 21st Century skill, not only for Principals and Heads, but for leadership at

  • Love me or hate me, I feel like the Lady Gaga of School Leadership at the moment. I love being a teacher and being a school leader! It’s the best job in the whole world! Why?

  • March is a notoriously busy time in most schools around the world for teachers and school leaders. In many schools it’s almost the end of a very long term. I’ve heard stories

  • Woo Hoo! It’s time to celebrate. It’s taken me just over 2 years to write and post 100 blog articles. Almost 70,000 teachers and school leaders from 166 countries around the w